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                               KALONECE is a Greek name meaning BEAUTY'S VICTORY

CHAMPION 'KOSTAS'.........our very beautiful homebred boy. (thanks to Sarah for the picture)



We here at Kalonece are a small hobby breeder, producing only a few STANDARD sized puppies each year. Please walk with us through these pages to get to know us. Somehow we've been smitten by the 'poodle passion'bug.  BEWARE......there's no cure should you happen to get it too !  Smile

 There are  alternate homes for the poodles, they do not all live here.  Our belief is in  quality care and relationship for every dog. Should you want to in the future purchasing a puppy or older poodle we need to know you a little bit and references are needed.





Thank you Sioux and Bond.....6 females 4 males

                                          here we are......our CURRENT LITTER
                     we're calling them the 'STANDING OVATION' litter at KALONECE.......2017
                                                             (well they ARE all standing !!) 
                               so poodley, still up and dancing, well Mama Sioux' name is 'Fancy Dance'  
                                      and despite 3+ months of rain and puddles
                                maybe this is why Kalonece poodles have strong rears 
                       thank you Tara for the terrific picture and creative editing, you're the best


Breeder.....Kathi Karkanis



EMAIL:  kalonece@live.ca

PHONE: 1(250)882-0357

Kalonece Q-TIP !! named by Liz
one of the current litter - we just couldn't resist putting her picture here.

                                                   kalonece pizzazz !!



The individual pages show puppies and dogs we have bred to go forward with in our breeding program. We also showcase our imported bloodlines, specially picked to enhance what we already have here. We have been blessed in only 10 years of breeding to have awesome temperaments, good structure which is competitive in the show ring, stunning faces, nice underjaw and good tail sets.These are improvements in the general red/apricot poodle population. Shown above is our 2017 litter out of Kalonece 'Sioux' x Apres Argent 'Bond'....We breed infrequently and you may have to be prepared to wait a bit for your special puppy.

A few puppies are still available for adoption from this litter, and ready to go now, and that's it for 2017 at this time. (CANADIAN HOMES ONLY)

Email kathi @ kalonece@live.ca if you are interested. (pet only - non breeding contract)













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