Sizzling 'Sienna'

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Ch.Winnow's Happy Go Lucky At Arreau CGN   x  Ch.Kalonece Precocious In Pink

'Sizzling Sienna' is the neighborhood comic - she can get everyone riled up in about 2 second.  She is a character of characters (thank you Cherie Perks of Arreau!!!).  The combination of Arreau's Ch. Quincy and our Ch. Pink is really something, pretty, fiesty, funny fast, and gets over/around any fence. She just simply climbs up to the top and then leaps off!!  And that would be all 20 pounds and 20 inches of her!  Yes she is a standard breeding but is just small, wiry and muscley, but then big things come in small packages don't they! It's too funny to watch her chase the big boys, a behavior she was first seen doing at 8 weeks!  Kostas did not know what to make of this little dynamo who was chasing him down the halls..

Sienna is approaching 2 years of age, we will add more as she matures.

Below is at Christmas time, note Sienna's leg balancing on G's shoulder !! 



  She is too funny.

Breeder.....Kathi Karkanis



EMAIL:  kalonece@live.ca

PHONE: 1(250)882-0357



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