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poodles are...........athletic

POODLES ARE ATHLETES !! This is Kalonece Selkie. Please don't try this without a well fitting lifejacket - this dog has been trained using safety measures. She is one of the strongest and fittest dogs I know. Owned by J and Ch who also have 'Fergus'.

Posted by Kalonece Poodles on Monday, December 7, 2015

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We have chosen Kalonece 'Selkie' to demonstrate the absolute power, fitness, and cooperation a poodle can naturally attain. She has been trained with love, diligence and patience AND with a life jacket on at the beginning. She is a very strong girl. Please do not send your dog out to attempt this without the proper preparation and training. Some dogs swim naturally, some don't and need help if they sink!   Having said all that though - POODLES ARE ATHLETIC !!

ENJOY this clip of Kalonece Selkie (daughter of Ch. Kleopatra) sent to us by her parents.


This happy active boy is named 'Kalonece Ziggy', owner groomed and loved a bunch



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