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 Neutered red male available immediately - he is 21 months old, needs a permanent home with a large yard as he is very strong/athletic.  'Lexus'  loves to run.  We are looking for placement where he is the only dog - he is ready to bond to someone - he is fully house trained and cooperative, but tends to push buttons in the pack of dogs because of his activity. That is why he will not work out here.  He is stunningly beautiful, has a show head and a lush beautiful coat. Weight is 45 pounds.  He will bond first to a (human) female because of his previous placement but is ok with males too.  He came back to us from his first placement  so we would like to meet future owners to see if the chemistry of owner to dog is comfortable.  I would like a home with previous experience with dogs and one that has that calm overall ambience.
The picture above of Lexus and his sisters was taken last year, a current picture will be provided by the weekend.


 Very beautiful stunning female moyen poodle, 20 pounds 19 inches apricot color -  available now.  3 years old, we have not found the right male to put her with, that is the only reason we are looking for a forever home for her.  She will be spayed prior to transfer.  She is a character, always keeps us laughing, loves to cuddle as the picture depicts.  She needs a 6 foot fence that is secured at the bottom, she can jump over 4 feet very easily also can dig under a fence.  We are looking for someone to bond to that will always be glad of having this special one around, someone to keep her safe and secure, hugged and loved.  She is like that perfect little china doll that you don't want to take your eyes off.  We love her lots and will be needing references and assurance it is exactly the right home to keep her safe and secure. 

Breeder.....Kathi Karkanis



EMAIL:  kalonece@live.ca

PHONE: 1(250)882-0357



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